My previous post was written in July when I went through a summer workshop as an introduction back into ballet. I must say, it was daunting. Not only is it not like riding a bike, muscles were awoken that I had long forgotten even existed. Flexibility was weak, plies feeble, arms were noodles in the wind. Forget battus, I could barely lift myself off the ground! But… it was an absolute blast. 🙂

It was such a blast that I signed up for a full fall schedule despite being the breadwinner in my family. Although I may only have a husband, dog and cat, time is limited. Still, if it wasn’t a challenge, where would the satisfaction of the push be? There is a sign that sits in the changing room in the studio that reads – “If ballet were easy, everyone would be doing it.” That about sums it up.

So, here we are a little over a month into the semester. I’m relearning the tricks! Coconut water after classes for rehydration. NaturalCalm for giving those sore muscles what they need to rejuvenate. Trigger point therapy. How to warm up and cool down properly. (All things I’ll be sharing about in the future!) Some of the most basic technique that equals the perfection each dancer strives for. Our bodies were created to be able to accomplish the tremendous feats dancers are given. We heal. We grow. We sustain. The beauty and passion that emanates in a performance comes from the heart, and that heart is grown in the community of a studio. In all ways, slowly but surely, I’m getting there. And it feels good.

Because of my age, my teachers placed me in the level below Company and Apprentices. (Just add to that pile of challenges, right?) Trust me, this was no compliment to my ability. Strictly age. With this comes what all ballerinas yearn for and dread — Pointe! Yay!

So, I was fitted for my first pointe shoes in over a decade. Granted, I was only en pointe for maybe two months previously. My feet have changed slightly since my last introduction, but those pearly pink beauties are ordered and on their way! I have never been so excited to murder my feet — and let you know all about it.