Right En Pointe

The epic moment is here! The both dreaded and highly anticipated first pointe class. What was the one most important (and most humbling) thing I learned? – To have even more respect for my fellow classmates at their incredible strength and ability.

I had to drive to a town two and a half hours away for work and then rush back to make the class. I got into town a little earlier than I thought I would, but I couldn’t wait with the excitement lingering. I headed to the studio to stretch and warm up an hour before class.

There should have been a little more stretching, but I was interrupted by an adorable little girl who insisted that I was a boy (I have a pixie cut) and wanted to share my theraband. Oh well. After two months of getting back into shape and pushing myself, my confidence was brimming to the hilt. I squeezed my feet in, strung up those ribbons and sauntered off.

Oh. My. Goodness. Dudes/Dudettes, I found new muscles that are hidden within muscles that are wrapped around other muscles – I mean, are you kidding me? But the feeling of lifting up and gathering the strength in places you formerly didn’t know you had in yourself – both mentally and physically – is exhaustingly exhilarating in the best of ways.

Needless to say, I will be soaking in an epsom salt bath with a shot of NaturalCalm chased by a tall glass of coconut water so I’m not cramping up in class tomorrow. Still, I am a respectful fan of the “pretty pink coffins” that my one teacher calls them, and I so very much look forward to what new abilities I will find in myself.


5 thoughts on “Right En Pointe

  1. Congrats!! I remember my first pointe class this past summer. I was like, you want me to do what?! You want me to put my foot where?! It was definitely a challenge, heck it still is every class, but the improvements you will make will blow your mind! I never thought I could do the things I do, but I’m so glad I tried! Things will be scary at times, but push through!! I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures on pointe!!! Yay!!

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